Joint Venture

Sydney is in a strong position to enhance and grow sectors that have a competitive advantage in the Asia-Pacific market, particularly financial services, health and education. By 2031, Sydney’s economic output will almost double to $565 billion a year and there will be 689,000 new jobs. In the next 20 years, Sydney’s population will grow by 1.6 million people, with 900,000 of this population growth occurring in Western Sydney. Western Sydney is home to some of Sydney’s most significant manufacturing and industrial activity. Around 70 per cent of jobs on existing industrial land are located in Western Sydney.

The Federal Government has taken the steps for commissioning a 25 billion, 82 million passengers per year capacity Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. An Aerotropolis is being planned in Western Sydney. Sydney‟s second airport at Badgerys Creek and related activity will be a major stimulus to the Western Sydney economy, broadening the range of job opportunities available to residents. Western Sydney is big and growing fast. Already, it is home to over 45% of all Sydney residents, a large number of whom are of working age. Furthermore, the region is expected to grow substantially faster than other areas of Sydney, offering much greater potential for economic expansion. Projects worth $70 Bn are in construction or planning stage in Sydney.

Aerotropolis Group is a Sydney based Airport Metropolitan City Planning, Development and Asset Holding Company. It has a few Residential Projects of more than 500 Apartments, Airport City project in 300 Acres (120 Hectares), Business Park and Hotel projects in Sydney near the current Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. Its areas of expertise are Rezoning of Primary Production Land, Development Application (DA) Process, Development and Construction.

Aerotropolis Group is open to and invites any interested companies or individuals to work with us in a mutually benefitting partnership. Interested in a Joint Venture? Please contact us below.

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